About our Company

About Us:

Hotfix Fabric™ was established and introduced to the apparel decorating market in 2014 after 18 months of research and development. Our patent pending process fuses our adhesive and fabric to create a one piece product. This makes our product easy to apply and gives the adhesive a longer shelf life than other fusible products. We have been in business since 2006 starting out in the apparel decorating market manufacturing rhinestone heat transfers. As the largest manufacturer in the USA we are always looking for new trends. With the mixed media trend gaining popularity we were looking for a way to add lace and fabric to rhinestone heat transfers. Not happy with the fusible adhesives we found available on the market set us on the path to creating Hotfix Fabric™. In the fall of 2015 we began introducing Hotfix Fabric™ to the quilting and sewing market. One of our owners learned to sew at a young age while quilting with her mother, grandmother and aunts. As a teenager she began sewing to make most of her clothes and went on to work as a seamstress specializing in Bridal and Bridesmaids gowns.